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AirTrack Nordic

The AirTrack is an air filled gymnastics and tumbling mat for indoor and outdoor use. The AirTrack resembles the flexible floor used in gymnastics and it can be used for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricking and all kinds of jumps and flips. The AirTrack softens the landing and allows for higher jumps. It reduces the noise from the bounce and the surface material prevents slippage.

AirTrack mats are made of tested and non-poisonous PVC Tarpaul. High-quality manufacturing materials and production methods ensure its air, water and impact resistance.

The AirTrack is easy to inflate and deflate with the included electric pump. Setting up and packing up take only a few minutes. The pump also allows individually adjustable air pressure on the mat.

The AirTrack Nordic mat is handy to fold and roll for storage. When the AirTrack is rolled up, you can tie it with straps or put it in the carrying bag. Always store the AirTrack in a dry place. Never pack, store or transport the AirTrack when it is moist or dirty.

After use, clean and dry the AirTracks surface. The AirTrack can be cleaned with water and soft soap. Do not use industrial cleaning products. When the surface is dry, start rolling from the bottom of the carpet. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before rolling. 


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Tips and tricks

It is not unusual for airtrack to need a regulation of pressure. In particular, when using it outdoors, you may need to adjust the pressure several times a day. This is not because it is leaking; it is simply a law of nature (hot air takes up more space than cold air).

For example, if you pump up your airtrack in cloudy weather, the pressure will rise if the sun comes out. The reverse is also true – the airtrack will lose pressure if pumped up in the sunshine and then the sun goes away. This may seem a lot when going from a hot summer day to a cool night, so don’t worry that it’s leaking – it isn’t.

If the airtrack loses an unusually high amount of pressure the problem is with the valve and it being too loose. Try to fasten it as tight as possible with the valve tool which came with the repair kit.

The electric pump can be used both ways to inflate and deflate the AirTrack. Try to attach the hose to other end of the pump and see if it's blowing air then.

There is a small spring loaded button/pin in the middle of the valve. In some cases it might get stuck in the bottom. Try to press it and it should get back to its top position and close the airflow.

We have made a special guide for repair kit. You can download it from this link: Repair guide.