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Tips and tricks for your AirTrack

Tips and tricks for your AirTrack

Here are some tips and tricks on how and for what you can use your new AirTrack Nordic mat.

AirTrack is like a bouncy floor and you can use it for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricking and in all kind of jumps and flips.

With AirTrack you can securely train jumps and flips without fear of landing too hard. AirTrack provides bounce, which gives more air and power to your jumps. You can adjust the bounciness of the mat by changing the pressure. With maximum pressure the AirTrack can feel hard and lowering the pressure makes it more flexible and softer. You can find the right pressure amount by testing different kind of pressure levels.

The AirTrack also softens the landing so you can be sure that if the trick doesn’t go as planned you can avoid major injuries. Be aware that the AirTrack is not designed to be a landing mat so please don't try jumping from high places onto the AirTrack.

AirTrack Nordic gymnastics and tumbling mats are superior and safe training mats for gymnasts and cheerleaders. With the AirTrack you can practice tricks, jumps and stunts also at home or outside. With AirTrack Nordic training mats you can assemble exactly the setup you want and start training whenever you want and wherever you want!

AirTrack Nordics mats are also great training mats for parkour and tricking training. With the mat, you can safely practice new tricks without the risk of injury. Because the mat is easy to carry you can also take it outside and train in your favorite spots.

These AirTracks are also suitable for martial arts training. You can execute controlled rolls and falls safely.